ADA MP-1 – 2.01 Firmware OS Upgrade Update for MP1 FX Tube Amp


Firmware for ADA MP-1

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Ada MP-1 – 2.01 firmware OS Update EPROM

This is firmware update version 2.01 is the latest released operation system by Ada. This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chip.

New Features for users upgrading from Versions 1.33–1.38:

– Expanded Midi Functionality & Control

– Improved Noise Gate

– Faster Patch Switching

Features for users upgrading from Versions 1.41–2.00:

– Addressed a few programming bugs

– Patch & Setting Backups via Midi Dump (Backup to Computer / Midi Librarian)

– 69 New Presets

Which software version is my ADA MP-1 running?

To check your current software version, simply turn on your MP-1 and the software version will appear briefly during the startup process. If you are currently running anything from 1.33–2.00, you may want to consider updating. If you already have Version 2.01, you can get back to rockin’ because you, my sonic friend, are already awesome.


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