Akai AX60 – Firmware ROM OS Chip Upgrade Update AX-60


Firmware for Akai AX60

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Akai AX-60 firmware OS Version 1.2 – Final Revision

This is firmware update 1.2 and is the latest official released operation system by Akai. This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chip.


  • AUTO TUNE request by MIDI is recognized.
  • AUTO MUTE request by AUTO MUTE button is accepted up to 6 times causing other functions inoperative for up to 30 – 35 seconds.
  • When VERIFY is executed and the data recorded on the tape and that of AX60 is different whatever the reason may be, the data in AX60 may be re-written when PROTECT switch is off.
  • Since the position of PITCH BEND setting VR is memorized when the unit turned off, as the unit is turned on again after changing the position of setting VR, the amount of Pitch Bend effect is different from its VR position.
  • In SPLIT mode, the MIDI channels are set for Upper keys and Lower Keys separately. However, even after SPLIT mode is released, MIDI channels are not cancelled thus AX60 accepts 2 MIDI channels.


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.