AKAI DR-8/DR-16 OS 2.32 DR8 DR16 ROM EPROM Upgrade Software Firmware Boot


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Brand: Akai

Model: DR-8 / DR-16


√ 1 x Eprom


1. Open your device

2. Locate your Eprom socket and note the notch orientation.

3. Pull up the Eprom

4. Insert the new eprom with the notch in the same direction as you noted in point 2.


Features and further details

This is the latest known official released operation system by Akai. This operation systemupdate/upgrade require one eprom chip.

·         Up to 4,000 audio files can be recorded on a disk. (Extended format)

·         A recording crossfade setting of 0-80ms is available.

·         A more flexible sync setting is available for digital audio input.

·         Bi-phase 24fps pull-down I/O is supported.

·         An optional interface board IB-808G GPIO is available.

·         An optional Ethernet interface board IB-809E is available.

·         An optional TASCAM digital interface board IB-D8TIF TDIF is available.

·         An optional Multi-channel AES/EBU digital interface board IB-D8MA is available.

·         The DR16 now can select the 8-channel digital output signals on the optional digital interface to be routed from either 1-8 tracks or 9-16 tracks.

·         The lock-up time in time code chase mode is improved significantly.