Akai Mpc 2000 Sampler Boat Rescue Firmware ROM 1.0 Eprom Kit


Firmware for Akai MPC-2000

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This is the factory firmware and is the firmware, which was installed in your device when it came from the Akai’s factory. This operation system requires one eprom chips as revealed in the photos and the chip will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below. 


The original factory OS, which featured in the original device and expanded EPROM lifespan.


Many end-users may experience that their boot room on the mainboard has gone corrupted. Replacing the old boot room can fix a corrupted one and bringing your Akai MPC2000 back from the dead. A corrupt boot rom will prevent you for being prompted to insert your OS 1.72 disk.

The purpose of this boot rom eprom is to help the end-user restoring, maintaining or repairing their device.


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.
  • This boot rom will not work for MPC-2000XL
  • You will still need a boot disk after replacing your current boot rom with this.