Akai Remix 16 – Version 1.11 Upgrade Firmware OS Update for Remix-16


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Brand: Akai

Model: Remix 16


√ 2 x Eproms


1. Open your device

2. Locate your Eprom socket and note the notch orientation.

3. Pull up the Eprom

4. Insert the new eprom with the notch in the same direction as you noted in point 2.

Features and further details

This is a known official released operation system by Akai. This operation systemupdate/upgrade require two eprom chips.


Revision 1.1  features:
-IB-16S optional SCSI interface board is supported.
-Refer to the Instruction Manual for the ffi-16S for operating procedures.


1. Sequence data exceeding 218 steps cannot be saved. This has been fixed. This symptom can appear in sequences containing a large number of tracks. Each time a bank key is pressed two steps are used (one for note on, one for note off).
2. When saving to or loading from multiplefloppy disks the sequence data does not load/save properly. This has been fixed.

1. Due to a restriction in the file format of the REMIX 16, a single file exceeding 16Mb can not besaved. For example, if the REMIX 16’s memory is fully expanded to 18Mb (2Mb+ 16Mb) and a single mono sample is recorded for 4min. 52sec., it will not be possible to save. The sample must be trimmed to a length of 4min. 22sec. in order to be saved.

Version 1.11  Features: [Addon to version 1.1]

  • Loop length of sample changes after saving to multiple floppy disks, fixed.
  • When receiving a MIDI sample dump the Remix 16 will not exit the receive mode until a subsequent MIDI mesaage is received, fixed.
  • Unformatted 2DD floppy disks can not be formatted as 2DD, fixed.


  • Eproms inserted backwards will  likely to cause damage to the board.