Akai S950 Operating System 1.2B Eprom Upgrade Latest OS for ib109 SCSI S-950


Firmware for Akai S950

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Akai S-950 – Final OS revision Update: Version 1.2B

Firmware revision 1.2B is the latest released operating system issued by Akai. This operation system update/upgrade requires two eprom chips.


By using this system on your S950, you can obtain the following additional functions and upgrade the musical expressiveness of your S950.

1. Pre-trigger recording

2. Special one shot mode

3. Crossfade looping

4. Dynamic Filtering

5. Automatic locating of start point

6. Velocity release by note on

7. Combine two samples for velocity crossfade type samples

8. Changing the velocity mix curve for velocity crossfade

9. Time skew for velocity

10. Key group copy function

11. Disk mode: Compression of sampled data


The eprom chips are in sockets, so you swap the current chip located at IC11 (M) and IC12 (L)


  • This will work if you have SCSI card (IB-109) installed.