Alesis QSR – Version 1.02 OS Firmware Update Upgrade Eprom


Firmware for Alesis QSR

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Firmware update 1.02 is the latest official released operation system by Alesis.

Current software version:

pressing [<] and [>] cursor simultaneously


  • Fixed bug which did not allow the use of the MIDI Port and the PC Serial interface simultaneously. Now the QSR can be used to translate back and forth between Serial I/O and the rest of a MIDI Studio
  • Fixed bug which caused ROM Card demo sequences to be played incorrectly from Card slot B.
  • Fixed bug which allowed the user to continue past the maximum allowable value (99) when storing an individual mix. Note that the display did not reflect these “hidden” values.These values would go up to 128.
  • Fixed bug in which an incoming Sys-ex Global dump (in particular from a QS8 “SEND ALL DATATO MIDI”) would alter the Global MIDI In/Out/Thru parameter.
  • Fixed bug in which Mono Mode programs would “stick” if the QSR’s MIDI channel was changed while it was playing.

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  • Fully verified before shipping andprofessionally packaged in anti-static material.