Alesis Quadraverb – Version 2.03 Upgrade PLUS OS Firmware for QV +


Firmware for Alesis Quadraverb

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Alesis Quadraverb – OS Upgrade: Version 2.03 (to Quadraverb PLUS)

This is firmware update 2.03/plus and is the latest official released operation system by Alesis This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chip as revealed in the eBay article`s photos and the chip will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.



The QuadraVerb Plus is an upgraded version of the original QuadraVerb OS. The many new features that are now available are made possible by this simple firmware update.


To check your current version: hold down [GLOBAL] and [PROGRAM]



Tons of improvements. New features available on the QuadraVerb Plus include Sampling, Ring Modulator, and Resonator configurations, plus the addition of Multi Tap Delay, Auto Panning, and Tremolo Modulation on original configurations where these features are applicable. In addition, the Quadraverb’s extensive MIDI implementation has been greatly enhanced to include real-time parameter control of parameters such as the Delay, Volume, and Feedback for each of the 8 individual taps in the Multi Tap Delay configuration, as well as the Auto Panning and Tremolo’s Modulation Speed and Depth.  Also, the Quadraverb Plus lets the user adjust parameters such as the Ring Modulator’s Spectrum Shift, Output Up/Down Mix, and Delay/Reverb Up/Down Mix as well as the Pitch and Decay of the Resonator. This allows the user to achieve a greater level of creative control than ever before.

  • MULTI TAP DELAY  –  The Multi Tap Delay is a new type of delay available in the 5 BAND EQ->PITCH->DELAY configuration where up to 8 taps can be defined in the delay. The Delay Time, Volume, Panning, and Feedback Amount can be individually adjusted for each tap as well.
  • SAMPLING  –  The QuadraVerb Plus now has the ability to make a brief digital recording of the input being fed to it, commonly known as sampling.
  • AUTO PANNING  –  Auto Panning allows a signal to automatically pan from side to side (when the outputs are connected in stereo) at a selected rate and depth.
  • TREMOLO MODULATION  –  Tremolo Modulation is an effect which automatically varies the volume at a selected rate and depth, simulating the “Surf Sound” tremolo effect found on old instrument amplifiers.
  • RING MODULATOR  –  The Ring Modulator is a specialized amplitude modulator that produces an output that contains only the sum and difference frequencies of its input waveforms’ harmonics.  It is most useful for generating metallic, bell-like sounds.
  • RESONATORS  –  A Resonator generates a pitch in addition to the original input signal, making it possible for a nonpitched sound to become pitched.  There are 5 resonators in the QuadraVerb Plus.