Ensoniq ASR-X Version 2.67 EPROM Firmware Upgrade OS Update for ASRX


Ensoniq ASR-X Version 2.67 EPROM Firmware Upgrade OS Update for ASRX

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Ensoniq ASR-X OS – Final OS revision update/upgrade: v2.67

Firmware revision 2.67 is the latest released operating system issued by Ensoniq. This operation system update/upgrade requires two eprom chips.


  • A new Disk/Global system parameter “Playlist FX Load” has been added. This parameter allows you to enable or disable the loading of each sequence’s insert effect in a song playlist to achieve smoother sequence-to-sequence transitions during playback. When Playlist FX Load is set to Off, the insert effect associated with the playlist’s first sequence is used for the entire playlist; when it’s set to On, each sequence’s insert effect is installed as just prior to its playback.
  • Sequencer tracks can now transmit System Exclusive data intended for any ENSONIQ product. This allows you to load ENSONIQ FIZMO operating system updates into the ASR-X and transmit them via MIDI to FIZMO to update its operating system.
  • The current sequencer Loop Playback parameter setting is retained when a song bank is loaded.
  • When a sequence is shortened as the result of erasing a region from its longest track, the region To feature is de-activated and the Region ToPoint location is now updated to reflect the actual length of the sequence if the Region ToPoint had been set beyond the sequence’s new end.
  • The sequencer can now Undo edits more quickly.
  • The smoothness of the ASR-X’s response to the tapping of tempos has been improved.
  • The ASR-X’s handling of its built-in Transwaves has been streamlined.
  • LFO and MIDI synchronization has been tightened.
  • SMDI transfers now work properly with Windows 95 and 98.
  • SCSI saving operations have been accelerated.
  • AIF files load from and save to disk more quickly.
  • ENSONIQ EPS/ASR Instrument translation during importing has been improved.
  • Prior to OS 2.67/3.04, when the sound on an empty track was changed, the sound on Track 16 also changed if Track 16 contained recorded data.This has been fixed.


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material
  • This will not work with the red version 😉