Floppy Drive Emulator USB for Casio FD-1 incl 2000+ disk files FD1


Floppy Drive Emulator USB for Casio FD-1

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Brand: Casio

Model: FD-1

Including: [Download/Digitally]

√ 2000+ midi disk files

√ Few demo disks to get started.

√ Documentation about how you can make your own disk.

√ Basic documentation about usage / setup.


⸎ Extra jumpers and screws for the installation Included.

⸎ Technical Support to get you up and running!

⸎ After receiving your USB Floppy Emulator. [Please drop us a message to receive your download link including further instructions.]

Features and further details

Fully compatible with Casio devices [but also other models from Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Akai, Kurzweil, Sequential Circuits instruments and more]

  • USB-Stick Support – Compatible with USB stick with up to 2 TB [Limit of FAT32]
  • Oled screen – Better overview, file information and no forced name convention.
  • Rotary – Better navigation between images, sub-folders and disk ejection.
  • Sound mod – Simulation of loading/saving sounds.
  • New Firmware – Latest version of the HxC compatible Firmware namely FlashFloppy
  • Color of choice – We have black and Grey, if another colour than advertised is desired, please tell us 🙂


  • Casio FD-1 uses SMF Type 0, which may mean that you have to convert SMF Type 1 to Type 0.