Floppy Drive Emulator USB For Yamaha QX1 Includes 1500+ Blank Disc Files QX-1


USB Floppy Emulator for QX1


What is this?
GOTEK USB Floppy Drive Emulator with HxC compatible Firmware installed

 + Download link with digital disks to get started.


Brand: Yamaha

Model: QX1


If you are searching for a reliable, user-friendly floppy drive replacement for your instrument or studio equipment, then you have come to the right.


+ 1500 – Blank disks ready to being saved on.



Fully expanded and newly flashed USB floppy emulator.

Extra jumpers and screws for the installation.

Support to get you up and running!


Plug and play! [easy to use]

Functionality compared to the generic ones
Fully compatible with Yamaha QX1 [but also other models from Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Akai, Kurzweil, Sequential Circuits instruments, Ensoniq, E-mu … etc]

Supports USB stick with up to 2 TB including sub-folders.

Oled screen – better overview, and file information.

Rotary – Better navigation between images and sub-folders and disk ejection.

Sound mod – Simulation of loading / saving sounds.

Important notes:
Tested functionality before shipping.

USB stick and Yamaha QX-1 is not included.

There are other suppliers, who are “just” including a 5 $ Sandisk USB stick and we think that is a bad provider decision / solution, due to that we all have different ways of organizing our usage and we have seen reports about users receiving corrupt USB sticks. Therefore, download link, instead of a 5 $ SanDisk chaos / corrupt USB stick.

+ We don’t fill your drive with unprofessional stickers.

We try to keep our shipping rates as low and transparent as possible with tracking and insurance, so you are able to follow your shipment online. We don’t do that! We are also able to combine shipping costs.

+ The standard Molex and IDE in QX-1 needs to be replaced, due to that the old cables are too short or has alienated Floppy Interface [Adapters not included]

+ Yamaha QX1 uses a 5 ¼ floppy drive size, but this can be fixed with a bay adaptor 5¼ 3.5, which costs peanuts [not included]