Korg Prophecy – Largest Sound Patch Library .syx + Bonus – Instant D0WNLOAD


Korg Prophecy – Largest Sound Patch Library .syx + Bonus – Instant D0WNLOAD
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I’m here presenting the Korg Prophecy owners with the most comprehensive patch library. There is no doubt about that Korg Prophecy is a small creation from Korg due to its sound possibilities and complexibility based on Korg’s MOSS technology.

The sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying and it will save your for hours of programming and menu diving on your own and I’m sure it will show you a new perspective of sounds, which you didn’t know your MOSS synthesizer was capable of making.

What is included in this patch library?:

Basses, percussion, drum kits, synths, FX, pads, strings, Sci-Fi, analog emulations, textures and much more … you name it!


• Sanchez Patch collection

• Bliss Patch collection

• CH-Perry patch collection

• Deckard patch collection

• Harmonic patch collection

• Industrial patch collection

• MILES patch collection

• Balkan patch collection

And much more …

We are talking more than 100 SysEx dumps in Both single and banks, which will give you many individual sounds for your Korg Prophecy. 


• Original owners manual (.Pdf)

• Service Manual (.Pdf)

• Parameter guide (.pdf).

Extra tools:

• Mantra – cool analog style sequencer for Korg Prophecy.

• SEX – Librarian for the prophecy and midikeys which is a screen keyboard.