Lexicon MPX-500 – 2.02 UPGRADE EPROM Firmware Latest for MPX500


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Brand: Lexicon

Model: MPX-500


√ 1 x Eprom


1. Open your device

2. Locate your Eprom socket and note the notch orientation.

3. Pull up the Eprom

4. Insert the new eprom with the notch in the same direction as you noted in point 2.

Features and further details

This is firmware revision 2.02 and is the latest official released operation system by Lexicon. This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chip and the chip will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.

  • New Banks and Presets: Version 2.02 has 15 new presets in 2 new banks: “Comprssr” holds presets 240-249 and “Live-FOH” (Live Front Of House) holds presets 250-255.
  • New – Compressor: Available for use with all presets. It sits in the Wet component of the signal path in front of the effect(s) for the current preset. It is controlled with four new parameters: Compression Ratio, Threshold, Attack Time, and Release Time, which are available on a new Edit page in each preset.
  • New – The Level Meters: The input-level meters on the left side of the LCD display now show calibrated values, with 0dB indicating digital saturation. Markings on the open portion of each meter show -6, -18, and -32dB.
  • New – The User Bank: The Version 2.02 firmware expands the User Bank to hold 64 programs, instead of the original 30. Programs are stored and recalled exactly the same way as in the Version 1 series firmware of the MPX 500.
  • Version 2.02 firmware upgrade will also recognize and accept User Bank dumps made from Version 1, and will automatically store these programs in User Bank locations 1-30.