New Alesis HR-16 HR-16B MMT-8 Quadraverb Replacement Battery Holder Fix


New Replacement holder for  1/2 AA with Wire leads


Replacement Battery Holder for Alesis HR-16, HR-16B, MMT-8, or Quadraverb

Replace your HR-16, HR-16B, MMT-8, or Quadraverb battery and add a battery holder.

Requires desoldering and soldering to install.
Installation of this part along with any associated risks involved in the process are the responsibility of the buyer.


  • No more de-solder / solder after it has been done once.
  • Battery holder allows quick battery replacement for the future.

What’s Included:

1 x – Battery holder

2 x – Wires to solder the holder external from the mainboard.

What is not included:

Any 1/2 AA batteries, due to that some countries are very strict on battery shipping. [Sorry, I don’t make the laws ;)]