Oberheim XK – Version 1.4 Firmware Latest OS Upgrade EPROM


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Brand: Oberheim 

Model: XK


√ 1 x Eprom


1. Open your device

2. Locate your Eprom socket and note the notch orientation.

3. Pull up the Eprom

4. Insert the new eprom with the notch in the same direction as you noted in point 2.

Features and further details

This is firmware update 1.4 and is the latest official released operation system by Oberheim. This operation systemupdate/upgrade require one eprom chip.

  • The HOLD/CHORD functions are separate per zone
  • The action of the pitch bend can be reversed (I greatly preferred the reverse orientation where pulling the lever towards you is bend down)
  • Arpeggiator gate time is changed to minimize missing or sticking MIDI notes with fast tempos. It also reduces the maximum tempo from 40hz to 20hz.
  • Modulation lever (pulled toward player) CC# can be reassigned but is global.
  • Velocity curves can have a maximum velocity value to accommodate the Yamaha DX-7 and other keyboards whose maximum velocity response is less than MIDI velocity=127.

There is no way to tell what version is in the XK other than attempting the new features or opening the hood to inspect the marking on the EPROM chip that holds the firmware. topFactory Reset:

If you acquire a used XK you should perform a factory reset procedure:

  • Press & hold MASTER PROGRAM button
  • turn on power
  • press STORE
  • two “_” characters will appear in the display
  • press “9” twice
  • display will count down from 99, resetting all user patches in memory.
  • No undo is possible, so archive your patches before a reset. top