Peavey DPM V3 – Version 1.4 OS Firmware Eprom Update For DPM-3


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Peavey DPM V3 – Version 1.4 – Firmware OS update version
These firmware updates are officially released by the Peavey Elec operating system. Corp. This OS update / upgrade requires two EPROM chips as revealed in the article photos and the chips will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more information, check below.
DPM V3: [version 1.4]
Provides bug fixes related to midi communication and general operating system stability issues.
Fully checked before shipping and professionally packaged in antistatic material.
It will not work for DPM V1, DPM V2 and DPM V4, only for DPM V3.
I also have the “Memory Ram Upgrade” expansion, if you want to expand the sample memory. [Just ask;)]