Peavey PC-1600/X – V. 2.30 Update Upgrade Firmware [Latest OS] for PC1600x


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Peavey PC-1600/X firmware OS update v 2.30

This is firmware update 2.30 and is the latest official released operation system by Akai. This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chips as revealed in the article`s photos and the chips will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.

You can check current OS version by holding [Left arrow] + [Up arrow], while powering the Peavey PC1600.


    • Ability to use the global MIDI Out channel, or the NEW global MIDI Device number, in MIDI strings. The Out channel can also be placed after a channel status (80 through EF) to channelize the status byte.
    • Buttons can be programmed to send fader messages, so you can move the fader to the desired position (without transmitting), and then use the button to send a single message.
    • Buttons can be used to identify the function of their associated fader.
    • Holding the left cursor button prevents MIDI messages from being sent by the PC 1600, thereby allowing function/range identification (of faders, buttons, and CV pedals) without actually sending a message. (MIDI input that needs to be echoed will still be transmitted.)
    • Preset Initialization utility. This can be used to obtain more preset memory (which is dynamically allocated per preset), or to start programming a preset from scratch.
    • Enhanced Scene features:
    • All scene screens now show the preset number that the scene is tied to.
    • Presets can now have an associated scene, which is transmitted whenever the preset is recalled (part of the Setup string).
    • Buttons can be programmed to send scenes.
    • A scene initialization is now available to disable any scene.
    • The 16 programmable buttons can be accessed remotely via MIDI Notes or Program Changes. For example, this allows someone with MIDI note pedals to play custom notes, chords (or any other message) with their feet, using pre-programmed velocity, or the velocity provided by the pedal controller. Many MIDI pedal boards can only send Program Changes from their footswitches; now those messages can be translated into any MIDI message(s) with the PC 1600.
    • Ability to record note streams into a button string. This allows chord programming by playing a MIDI controller into the PC 1600, rather than programming the numbers manually.
    • New MIDI delay parameters to slow down the MIDI stream if you have a unit that “chokes” on the data at full speed.
    • 2.1 – had some small fixes over 2.0. Not documented as well as latter ones, so you might want to update if you have 2.0.
    • 2.2 – Yamaha-style checksums supported in sysex strings (not just Roland).
    • 2.3 – added a version request message so computer editors could “ask” the unit which software version it has. It also fixed the scene receive MIDI message to take all 100 scenes and not just the first 50. It also fixed the MIDI maps to be able to point to all the scenes.


  • The Peavey PC-1600/X on the picture is not for sale.
  • Works for Both PC-1600 and PC1600x
  • The eprom will be verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material
  • The IC socket is located at U103