Red Sound DarkStar Firmware Vocoda eprom [VOCODER UPGRADE UPDATE]


Red Sound DarkStar Firmware Vocoda eprom [VOCODER UPGRADE UPDATE]


Red Sound DarkStar OS Vocoda System Firmware Upgrade EPROM

Firmware Vocoda was an optional upgrade, which turn your device into a fully featured vocoder issued by Dark Sound Systems and as illustrated included 1 EPROM chip required for the operating system upgrade.


  • 11-band filtering / noise generation
  • Combine external sounds (voice or loops) with an external sound source for classic vocoder sounds, that’s the Standard Vocoder mode (1). Use the DARKSTAR’s internal osc. and ‘S’ detector for true ‘robotic’ style vocoding (2). The Filter Mode (3) can be used to process any stereo signal through the 11-band stereo filter for cool filter sweeps. The Sequence-coder Mode (4) and Synthesizer Mode (5) use the 8-step formant sequencer to control the vocoder filters on external sounds or the internal oscillators. Additional MIDI envelope control, vocoder phrase step-recording, 15 preset vowels via sound palette, and more!
  • I can provide the over-lay in 300 dpi, so you can print it out yourself and use it with your device.


  • Fully tested before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.
  • This update/upgrade is only for 28-pin version and will not work for the 32-pin pin edition (please check before buying)
  • This update/upgrade does not work for XP2.