Replacement 3V Battery for Yamaha DX7 TX7 DX21 TG77 RX15 RX17 RX21 + many others


New Replacement 3V Coin Battery and Holder with Wire leads

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New Replacement 3V Coin Battery and Holder with Wire leads

For Ada Mp1 Mp-1


For Yamaha DX7, TX7, DX21, DX27, DX100, RX15, RX17, RX21, SY77, TG77, TX802, TX81Z, RX11, RX21, RX5, RX120, RY10, RY20, RY30, RX15, RX17 , RX21L, TG33 SY35 SY55 SY77 SY99 EX5 EX5R EX7 SPX900, SPX90, SPX90II, SPX1000, SPX50D, REV5, REV7 KX88 RX DX DX7 RY-10 RY-20 RY-30 DX11

For Korg DW-8000, Poly-800 MKII, O1W – M1 – M1R – M3 – POLY 800 – T1 T2, M1R , M1REX, Wavestation, Triton T Series X5D X5 POLY 800 N264 N364

For Akai AX-60 AX-73 AX-80 XR-10

For Boss DR-660/670 SE-50 SX-700 DB-12 DB-30 TU-10

For Kawai K1 ii K1R K1M

For Roland TR-505, MKS-50, MKS-100, S-10, Juno-106, Alpha, Juno-1, Juno-2, D50, D550, D10, D20, D110, JD800, JD990, JV1080, JV2080, JP-8000, JP8080, XP-10/30/50/60 U-110 MT-32 JV-880 MC-303 U20

For Oberheim Matrix 6, 6R, 1000 Xk Cyclone

For Lexicon Pcm81 Pcm-81

For Ensoniq SQ-1, SQ-2, SQ-R, KS-32, DP-2, DP-4, DP Plus, VFX

…..along with many others that use a 3V CR2032 battery

Requires desoldering and soldering to install:
Installation of this part along with any associated risks involved in the process are the responsibility of the buyer. Be sure to back up any data and unplug the unit before installation. Once installed, any future battery replacement is simplified.

Included with purchase:

1x – NEW 3V Coin Cell Battery CR2032
1x – Battery Holder with lead wires included

Installation process:

Backup any data you don’t want to lose

  • Turn off and Unplug the unit
  • Open unit and locate the battery
  • Make note of the position of positive and negative pins of the battery
  • Cut the original battery from circuit board, desolder the remaining battery pin leads from the circuit board
  • Solder in the battery holder wire leads with notes above with positions.
  • Mount the battery holder, insert the new battery into the battery holder
  • Be sure not to short out the battery pins located on the underside of the battery holder on any metal on your synth