Roland Alpha Juno 1 Latest OS V 2.6 Update Upgrade Firmware Eprom Juno1


Roland Alpha Juno 1 Latest OS V 2.6 Update Upgrade Firmware Eprom Juno1

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Roland Alpha Juno-1 OS – Final OS revision update/upgrade: v2.6

This is firmware update 2.6 and is the latest official released operation system by Roland This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chip.


1) Increases the resolution of a transmitted MIDI data “Pitch Bender Change”; from 9 bits to 14 bits

2) Correct LCD misdisplay taking “Successive TUNE/FUNT or MIDI writing” against MEMORY PROTECT

3) Change MIDI exclusive receiving routine to relieve one JU‑1 from: being its certain functions, expect keyboard play, disturbed by a received exclusive message including TONE NAME sent from the other JU‑1

4) Eliminate discrepancy between parameter value and LCD indication in TONE MODIFY mode. If ALPHA‑DIAL is overturned past an “extreme” on the display in TONE MODIFY mode, a parameter follows the rotation up to several turns, incrementing or declementing its value. Returning the dial, however, does not allow the display to keep the “extreme” indication waiting for the parameter value to match. (i.e. The indication shifts toward the center, leaving the discrepancy between the extreme and the over-value. Ver. 1.5 defeats the ALPHA‑DIAL output exceeding an extreme.


You have the swap the current eprom chip in IC socket IC 10


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