Roland D-110 – Version 1.13 Firmware Upgrade Update Eprom [Latest OS ]


Roland D-110 – Version 1.13 Firmware Upgrade Update Eprom [Latest OS ]

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Roland D-110 – Firmware OS update Version 1.13 – Final Revision

This is firmware update 1.13 and is the latest official released operation system by Roland. This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chip.

You can check current version:

Press and hold [ PART ▽ ], [ PARAMETER BANK ▽ ], and [ ENTER ] buttons while turning on the power


1)   In Overflow Assign mode, when D-110 receives “Note Off” message (8X KK VV), it sends out Note On message (9X KK VV). For example: In Overflow Assign mode, two D-110’s are connected with QX-3 (Controlling unit). Overflow Assign Switch = ON. When QX-3 sends out Note Off message to D-110(A), D-110(B) is received Note On message and sounds out

2)   In combination use of D-110 and Yamaha QX-5FD, when you pressed the stop button of QX-5FD during the sequence playing, D-110 will be still sounding in some notes. But such a problem seldom occurs. This problem will occur when a 3 bytes type MIDI message is sent. To be concrete, when “FC (Stop)” message broken between the second byte and the third byte of a “Note On Event”. this note will not turn off by the above “FC” message, so this problem depends on the timing pressing the “Stop” button on the QX-5FD. Note: This problem never happens with Roland sequencers because Roland sequencers will send “All Note Off” message to prevent this kind of problem

3)   Improvement to be possible to execute “Dump One Way” during overflow assign mode

4)   MIDI indicator will not turn on by receiving Hold-On message

5)   In response to “Data Request”, the D-110 may transmit the data in excess of requested

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