Roland JX-10 – Version 2.30 & board roms 2.10 Firmware Upgrade Update for JX10


Roland JX-10 – Version 2.30 & board roms 2.10 Firmware Upgrade Update for JX10

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Roland JX-10 Super Firmware Upgrade: v 2.30 & board roms 2.10

This is firmware update 2.30 and is the latest official released operation system by Roland. This operation system update/upgrade requires three eprom chips as revealed in the article`s photos and the chips will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.

You can check current OS version by holding patch memory [H] button while powering up.


  • Fixed – When REWRITE VOICE is done without entering PATCH WRITE, the current PATCH NUMBER will be memorized incorrectly
  • Fixed – In PATCH MEMORY edit, edit mode 17 [KEY MODE] sets [UPPER WHOLE & LOWER WHOLE] reversely
  • Fixed – Resetting PATCH CHANGE while holding a key induces click noise
  • Fixed – TONE RECALL after TONE edit cannot recall parameter 61 [VCA LEVEL]
  • Fixed – In the DETUNE display, ±49 isn’t shown
  • Fixed – While in sequence record mode and it takes a certain amount of time to start playing, the first rest value will include the previous recording ready time
  • Fixed – When pushing the PATCH button and then pushing the TONE button, the LED’s will flash and the system will lock‑up.
  • Improved – Sysex handling


ROM A – Plugs into the Assigner Board.

ROM B – Plugs into the Lower Module Board (the board on the Left)

ROM C – Plugs into the Upper Module Board (the board on the Right)


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.