Roland SRV-2000 – Version 1.5 OS EPROM ROM upgrade Firmware SRV2000



Brand: Roland

Model: SRV-2000


√ 1 x Eprom


1. Open your device

2. Locate your Eprom socket and note the notch orientation.

3. Pull up the Eprom

4. Insert the new eprom with the notch in the same direction as you noted in point 2.

Features and further details

This is firmware revision 1.5 is an official released operation system by Roland. This operation system update requires one eprom chip. 


  • Distortion at lower amplitude during a long hour operation
  • No display upon power on …. With Copy, Reverb & Non Linear, Write and Equalizer being pressed simultaneously.
  • Misdisplay when mode is changed to infinitie via foot switch while parameters are shifted on the panel.
  • Drop of edit point while manuplating COPY and Memory NO. Keys.
  • No “Omni on” display
  • In Delay [TEST] mode. Discrepancy between a set and an actual time delay.
  • Less Heat dissipation
  • Improved programs


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.
  • Upgrade makes IC307 Obsolete, therefore jumper required for achieving compatibility [Mentioned in official Roland Service Manual Page 4]