SE Upgrade Stickers for E-MU EMAX & EMAX HD (Read Description Before buying) Emu


SE Upgrade Stickers for E-MU EMAX & EMAX HD

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This is a brand-new duplicate of the original sticker, which came with the SE upgrade for Emu Emax 1 & Emax 1 HD.


  • Each set contains two stickers as shown in the main picture.
  • The size design has been improved a little to make it better compatible with Emu Emax Rack editions
  • The sticker has been made in high quality. Printed on vinyl with hi-tack adhesive and is protected with 12 mil thick laminate. You would normally use for outdoor machinery due to that I want to provide something that is durable.
  • I added some pictures for illustration purposes, but this sticker may be a little smaller due to the improved design as mentioned above.

Size: (Smaller than the original, due to that the original size wouldnt fit on the Rack version) SE Logo = 4.5×3.5 cm SE Menu = 4.5×4.8 cm

==E-Mu Emax SE Upgrade disk==

I can highly recommend any Emu Emax users to upgrade their Emax I to SE as the disks can be found online for free by googling “emu emax se upgrade”