Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 / 2002 V 4.3B Firmware Update Sci Eprom


Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000/2002 V 4.XX Firmware Update Sci Eprom


Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000/2002 Latest Version.

This is firmware update 4.XX and is the latest operation system for Sequential Circuits for 2000/2002. This operation system update / upgrade requires one eprom chip. The chip will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.

Check software version:

  1. Switch preset off.
  2. Select [COPY / APPEND]
  3. Rotate [PARAMETER] Value knob through its range
  • If only values  1-16 appears, then you have 2.1
  • If you can continue beyond 16, then you have3.0+
  1. Go to [Dynamic allocation], if you have 3 options here [OF, ON & FO], then you have 4.0
  • To check further, you need to open the device and read-off the current label.


  • Ability to operate 512K memory and 1-MEG memory expansions.
  • Compatibility with double-sided disk drives.
  • Upward disk compatibility – Ability to load disks made with Rev 2.1
  • Downward disk compatibility – Ability to make disks for devices with rev 2.1
  • Correction of several bugs and general stability issues.