Sequential Circuits – Prophet 5 / 10 / 600 T8 / Tom – Battery Holder


New Replacement holder for  123 battery with Wire leads


These devices normally use BR-2/3A, which is sadly not a very common and actually a expensive battery type. Most users would probably just buy a BR-2/3A with solder tabs and then realizing after 5 years, that they have to do the de-soldering and soldering again, which could have been avoided in the first place, by choosing a battery holder instead.

Q: What is this?

A: Battery holder for 123 batteries. I will also include two soldering wires, which you can use, if you want to install the holder somewhere else inside your device.

Q: Why is that better?


  • The batteries are more common and cheaper, due to that they are used in cameras too.
  • No more de-solder / solder after it has been done once.
  • Battery holder allows quick battery replacement for the future.

Q: Can I also use it for other devices?

A: Yes,

  • E-mu – Drumulator , SP-12 , SP-1200 Proteus MPS
  • Oberheim – DX , OB-1 , OB-SX , OB-X , OB-Xa , OB-8 , Matrix 12, Xpander
  • Sequential Circuits – Prophet 5 / 10 / 600 Tom & Drumtraks
  • Kurzweil K1000 , K1000SE , K1200
  • Ensoniq ESQ1 , ESQM , SQ80 , SD-1 , VFX-SD


  • No 123 batteries are included, due to that many countries has strict regulations for shipping batteries.
  • The holder will be packed to ensure a safe shipping.