USB Floppy Emulator with 2160+ disks for AKAI X7000 S700 QuickDisk USB QD


USB Floppy Emulator for AKAI X7000 S700


What is this?
GOTEK USB Floppy Drive Emulator with HxC compatible Firmware installed

+ Download link with digital disks to get started.


If you are searching for a reliable, user-friendly Floppy drive replacement for your instrument or studio equipment, then you have come to the right.


Fully compatible with following quick disk devices:

* AKAI S700 X7000 MD280 X3700

* Korg SQD1 SQD8

* ROLAND S-10 S-20 S-220 MKS-100 MT-100

* Yamaha MDF1

* Casio QD-7 QDM-01 DPQ-280

* Nintendo’s Famicom Disk System

* Smith Corona word processors

* QD for the ZX Spectrum


+ 2000 – Blank disks ready to being saved on.

+ 160+ Akai QD Sample Disk Images



+ Fully expanded and newly flashed USB Floppy Emulator.

+ Extra jumpers, 10 x F-M Dupont cables and screws for the installation.

+ Support to get you up and running!


Plug and Play! [easy to use]



Functionality compared to the generic ones
+ Fully compatible with Roland & Akai [but also other models from Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Akai, Kurzweil, Sequential Circuits instruments, Ensoniq, E-mu…etc]

+ Supports USB stick with up to 2 TB including sub-folders.

+ Oled screen – better overview, and file information.

+ Rotary – Better navigation between images and sub-folders and disk ejection.

+ Sound mod – Simulation of loading/saving sounds.



Important notes:
+ Tested functionality before shipping.

+ USB-stick and sampler is not included.

+ There are other suppliers, who are “just” including a 5 $ Sandisk USB-stick and we think that is a bad provider decision / solution, due to that we all have different ways of organizing our usage and we have seen reports about users receiving corrupt USB-sticks. Therefore, download link, instead of a 5 $ SanDisk chaos / corrupt USB stick.

+ We try to keep our shipping rates as low as possible with tracking and insurance, so you are able to follow your shipment online.

+ We are able to combine shipping orders.

+ Quick disk drives requires a special cables connection, therefore is the dupont cables included, alternative we can provide you a contact where you can buy Quickdisk Floppy PCB adapters for 10 GBP.