Waldorf Microwave 1 – V 2.00 Latest Os Firmware Upgrade Update Eprom for MW1



Waldorf Microwave 1 – Firmware OS update Version 2.00 – Final edition

This is firmware update 2.00 and is the latest official released operation system by Waldorf. This operation system update/upgrade requires two eprom chips.


New Voice Allocation
(instruments with audio routing to the outputs 1-4 stay in Mono Mode)
6 new voice allocation modes, in addition to the dynamic modes:
– Mono Retrigger
– Mono Low- und High-Note Retrigger
– Mono Single Trigger
– Mono Low- und High-Note Single Trigger

New Glide-Mode und Controller
– fingered portamento and fingered glissando in all voice allocation modes
– portamento time controller (#5) will be used for MIDI portamento and glissando (MPorta, MGliss)

Additional Wavetables (above C56)
32 new, mostly algorithmic calculated wavetables:
– 3 Sawtooth Sync
– 3 Pulse Sync
– 3 Sinus Sync
– 2 Pulswidth modulation (Saw, Pulse)
– 4 Fuzzwavetables
– 3 Karplus&Strong
– 4 Wavetrips (randomly picked)
– 2 speach wavetables
– Male Voice, Low Piano, ResoSweep, Xmas Bell, FM Piano, Fat Organ, Vibes,
Chorus 2

New Sound Parameter
– free modulable oscillator and noise levels
– Sample&Hold waveshape on LFO 1 and LFO 2
– LFO-Rates in between 0 and 1 because of extended RateModAmnt
– LFO 2 syncable to LFO 1 with definable phase shift
– MIDI Clock as modulation source

Algorithmic Wavetable Construction
Construct user programmable algorithmic wavetables (UPAW) by software editors

– sostenuto controller #66
– SysEx data rate selectable
– extended card copy functions
– editing of the tuning and velocity tables #3 and #4


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.