Yamaha 02r – Version 2.16 Firmware OS Upgrade Update Eprom for O2R Mixer Record


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The 2.16 software includes several key features that specifically meet the needs of the post production market, in addition to providing upgraded capabilities for the recording market.

Although the 02R has already seen extensive use in a variety of applications, Version 2.16 software gives the console even more flexibility. Now, any current 02R owner can take advantage of post production capabilities that previously were available only in much more expensive consoles, and new buyers are able to purchase an even more powerful mixer.

Significant upgrades with Version 2.16 software include:

  • six-channel discrete surround sound capabilities on every input
  • digital aux sends available via Yamaha digital I/O cards
  • input cross-patching, and the ability to process output buses through dynamics, EQ and routing matrixes.
  • With Version 2.0 software, the Yamaha 02R will be able to control external devices including other mixers, tape and DAW transports, and outboard effect processors-an essential feature for post work.
  • The console automation has also been significantly upgraded with new operation and mix editing capabilities.
  • The software provides touch-sensitive fader emulation, which allows channel editing during automation, simply by moving the fader. In addition, mix events can now be identified and dropped in to a time code list on-the-fly-allowing later assignment of automation events to those addresses.
  • auto-mix functions may now be cut, pasted and offset.
  • the ability to record 24-bit data from the 02R on a standard 16-bit tape or hard-disk recorder, using a smart-bit allocation scheme.


  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.