Yamaha DX7 – Special Edition ROM (SER-7) Upgrade Eprom Firmware Update for DX-7


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Yamaha DX7 Special Edition “SER-7” Upgrade

This is a special firmware edition SER-7 and officially released by Yamaha. This operation system update/upgrade requires one eprom chips as revealed in the article`s photos and the chip will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.

This is the latest and the best operating system version for Classic Yamaha DX7 and no soldering needed for installation, if serial number of your unit serial number is bigger than 2660. For older DX7 units with serial smaller than 2660 will need some soldering work.

Features of the Special Edition ROM: 
·         Function parameters for each Voice can be saved to Internal Memory or a RAM cartridge.

·         Current Master Tune settings are displayed.

·         Expanded MIDI Channel Information features allow you to enable or disable Program and Control changes.

·         Expanded MIDI System Information On/Off features allow transmission of system exclusive data of a single Voice or all 32 Voices contained in Internal Memory.

·         Initialization feature allows initializing Function parameters of a single Voice or all 32 Voices.

·         Enhanced MIDI Receive feature allows selection of Omni mode or any one of the MIDI channels 1 through 16.

·         Enhanced MIDI Transmit feature allows setting to any one of the 16 MIDI channels.

·         Aftertouch On/Off feature. This parameter can now be stored with each individual Voice.

·         Enhanced Main Volume Transmit feature allows tranmission of MIDI volume data by utilizing the Volume jack with a FC7 Foot Pedal. This parameter can be stored to each voice.


  • This EPROM is NOT compatible with Yamaha DX7-IID , DX7-IIFD or  DX7S
  • This EPROM can NOT be fitted into a DX7 all-together with an extension card like E! Grey Matter of SuperMAX
  • Verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material
  • The IC socket is located at IC14.