Yamaha EX5 / EX5R – Version 1.11 [MAIN] / 1.14 [TG] upgrade OS Firmware update


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Yamaha EX5/EX5R firmware OS upgrade: v 1.14 [TG] and 1.11 [MAIN]

This is firmware update 1.14/1.11 and is the latest official released operation system by Yamaha. This operation system update/upgrade requires four eprom chips as revealed in the article`s photos and the chips will be labeled to help you locate the correct chip socket. For more info, please check below.

You can check your current OS version:

On the EX5 press: VOICE + H + 8 (Bank Buttons)
On the EX5r press: VOICE + 9 + 6 (Keypad)


Symptoms in V1.00 addressed in V1.01


1. Effects cannot be activated intermittently.

2. After entering Voice Edit in Performance Mode: if a “Store” command is executed, the unit’s output is muted.

3. When a song is played back with Arpeggio “ON”: if the “REW” or “FWD” key is pressed and held, Arpeggio is not heard.


Symptoms in V1.01 addressed in V1.02


1. If a COMPARE command is executed during Voice Edit, and then Edit mode is accessed again, the “INC” key, “DEC” key, and the Encoder will not operate.

2. After setting the unit to Pattern 51 in Song Play Mode, and then using a CANCEL command to return to the previously selected pattern: if playback of the previous selection is then attempted, the selected pattern jumps back to Pattern 51 after 1 bar, then playback stops.

3. If a Clear Song command is executed in Song Job Mode, the “Beat” setting data remains.

4. When using MTC Sync in Song Rec Mode: if real time recording is executed and stopped, the unit relocates to the beginning of the second bar recorded, bypassing the first bar.

5. After a JOB (EDIT) is performed in Pattern Mode: if an UNDO is executed in SONG MODE, the unit will not operate properly.

6. After a JOB (EDIT) is performed in Pattern Mode: if an UNDO is executed in Pattern Mode, the unit will not operate properly.

7. In Arpeggio Play Mode with the settings of VEL = THRU and MODE = SEARCH LOW, detected velocity is 127.


Symptoms in V1.02 addressed in V1.03


1. If Sync is set “ON” for Voice/ LFO / LFO1 in Voice Edit mode, LFO2 will be activated.

2. In FULL Portament Mode: if a Performance is stored with Portament SW = ON, Portament will not be activated.

3. Consider the following sequence: the unit is taken from Voice Mode to the Disk Load screen with nothing in Song, then an SMF file is loaded, and finally the unit is placed in Performance Mode. Under these conditions the loaded song may not play back with PLAY held down.


Symptoms in V1.03 addressed in V1.04


1. In Play Mode: if the unit is “toggled” several times between two different Performance settings, the voices may not follow toggled selections.

2. The following command sequence causes the unit to lock up: press F7 (CTRL) in Performance Edit Mode, bring the cursor to “PB Upper” with the [ ] key, then press F8 (PRE), bring the cursor to “Init KN6” with the [ ] key and then press F7 (CTRL) again.


Symptoms in V1.04 addressed in V1.05


1. If notes are changed in Performance Edit Mode and the Portament SW is “ON”, Portament will not be activated even though “ON” is indicated.

2. If Voice Bulk data is transmitted to an external sequencer and then is loaded back into the unit, the AMP Scaling value is changed.

3. If Voice Bulk data is sent or received when LFO Speed is 32 or more, the LFO Speed setting is changed.

4. If the INC/DEC keys are quickly toggled while in Performance Play Mode, FDSP voices will eventually stop playing back.


Symptoms in V1.05 addressed in V1.06


1. When Track Mute is activated in Song Play Mode: if the display is changed by continuously holding down the [ARP] key, the Mute status may be changed.

2. When material is recorded in real time on one track in Pattern Rec Mode, the other tracks start consuming memory even though these tracks are not recording. Also, the memory consumption remains the same even when the Pattern is cleared.


Symptoms of V1.06 addressed in V1.07


1. Disk If a HDD of 2GB or more is connected, the HDD cannot be formatted.

2. Pattern Rec. When recording in Real Time Overdub, the timing of the recorded data can be corrupted.

3. Song Rec. When data is loaded in via bulk dump from a QY product (or similar

product): when the data is played back the unit may lock up.


Issues with V1.07 addressed by V1.08


* When making a new waveform by combining a sample from a preset bank with a sample from another bank, in Sample Edit mode: if all data is saved to disk then reloaded from disk, the sample from the preset bank is not played back properly.


Symptom in Ver. 1.08 addressed by V1.09


If songs, etc. are played back with the external synchronization, the synchronization is out of phase. If music with 70 bars or more is played back, the symptom is distinct at the ending of the music.


V1.09 to V1.10


Update the Main ROM to V1.10 when mLAN-EX is installed on the EX Series.


Symptom in V1.10 addressed in V1.11


When the following procedure is executed, different names will appear on the “Performance Name”.

1. Select the “Performance” which is included the “VL VOICE”

2. Push the “EDIT” SW.

3. Select the “Common Parameter” and “Rev”.

4. Push the “Copy” on the Display.

5. Different names will appear on the “Performance Name”.


Symptom in TG ROM addressed in V1.14


When the following procedure is executed, The Poly Note of the EX5/5R is reduced by half.

1-1) Select the Init Perf.

1-2) Select a Voice which includes FDSP to the Part 1.

1-3) Select a AWM Voice.

1-4) Set the Individual Output to Ind3, Ind4, Ind5 or Ind6.

2-1) Select the FDSP on the Voice Mode.

2-2) Change the mode to Performance Mode, and select the Init Perf.

2-3) Set the Individual Output to Ind3, Ind4, Ind5 or Ind6.



  • Fully verified before shipping and professionally packaged in anti-static material.
  • The Yamaha EX-5 on the picture is not for sale 🙂
  • This works for both the rack and keyboard version.