DIY Open Amiga Sampler Expansion for Amiga 500, 600, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000


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What is it?

The Open Amiga Sampler is an open source design for a mono Amiga parallel port sound sampler.

Why did you make it?

Up until a few years ago, if you needed an 8bit sampler cartridge for your Amiga you’d usually ask on a forum and quickly get a response from somebody either willing to sell theirs for some small amount, or even send one to you for free. But something’s happened to Amiga hardware in recent years…second-hand prices have exploded, parts have become more scarce, and it’s getting harder and harder for those of us who still produce Amiga music

What makes it special?

This is a simple mono 8-bit sound sampler for use with Amiga’s, connecting via the parallel port. It is based on “echolevel’s” design available on GitHub. While there are two RCA connectors on the unit, the sampler itself is MONO ONLY, meaning if a stereo signal is applied, it is mixed into a mono signal then sampled. This was a design decision taken to vastly simplify the circuitry and also because most Amiga music module creators use mono samples.


  • 1x Maxim ADC0820CCN+
  • 1x Microchip MCP6002-I/P
  • 1x DB25 plug connector
  • 2x RCA receptacles
  • 1x 330ohm resistor
  • 5x 1kohm resistors
  • 1x 10kohm exponential potentimeter
  • 1x 47uf capacitor
  • 2x 10uf capacitors
  • 2x 0.1uf capacitors

Important notes:

  • This includes only the PCB, no components or 3D print housing.
  • When connecting or removing the sampler to the Amiga ENSURE THE AMIGA IS TURNED OFF! Old machines like these are quite sensitive to this and, given the age of the internals of the computer, probably more so these days!! I have tested on my Amiga A1200 and haven’t had any issues but care is always needed when attching to older machines like these.
  • Picture with components on is only for illustration purpose.