Korg M1 Universe – M1R – M1R-EX – 20.000+ Patches (Rare And Known) – D0WNL0AD


Korg M1 Universe – M1R – M1R-EX – 20.000+ Patches (Rare And Known) – D0WNL0AD

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I’m here presenting the Korg M1 series (M1R, M1EX, M1rex) and T1, T2 and T3 or the modern Legacy software owners with the most comprehensive patch library. There is no doubt about that Korg M1 was one of Korg`s most successful synthesizers, not only because they were massively sold but also because they formed the sound of the early 90s electronic music with example “Universe”, Jazz organs or its piano sounds .

Besides the famous and patches you will get patches programmed by professionals and users who were just trying. and this library include more sounds than any musicians ever will need and reawaken the true love of this instrument.

I would also like to point out that end-users are also able to buy sound library waveform cards with patches on, which in my opinion is waste of money due to that they will die or go corrupt over the years, therefore I think that this is a much more stable solution for keeping patches.

What is included in this patch library ?:

Basses, Percussion, Drum Kits, Synths, FX, Pads, Strings, Sci-Fi, Pianos, Textures and much more … you name it!


  • Valhalla patch collection
  • PA decoder patch collection
  • New Man Studio collection
  • Patchworks Music Software collection
  • Soundsations Collection
  • Dr Evil

 And lots of custom end-user patches and more!

  • We are talking more than 300 SysEx dumps, which will give more than 20,000 individual sounds for your M1 or compatible device.


  • Original owners manual (.Pdf)
  • Service Manual (.Pdf)
  • Instruction for .SysEx usage and battery change.