Yamaha TX81Z DX11 DX21 – Patches Sound Banks Syx and more – Instant Download


Yamaha TX81Z DX11 DX21 – Patches Sound Banks Syx ) And More – Instant Download

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I’m here presenting the TX81Z, DX11, DX21 and FM7 / FM8 owners with the most comprehensive patch library. There is no doubt that these machines have Helped shaping of electronic music in the late 80s and early 90s with its punchy FM sounds and most known for the “Lately Bass”, which was unavoidable to hear at this time.

All the sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying. but the programming also requires lots of work and this library include more sounds than any musicians ever will need and will save you lots of work.

You will get the following collections:

  • Valhalla Collection
  • Analog-Feel – Collection
  • Devotion Collection
  • LeSinge – Collection
  • Narf Collection
  • WoodWind – Collection
  • Narf Collection

and much more ……

You will find a huge archive of SysEx files in both pack banks and single banks, which gives you many thousand individual sounds for your synthesizer.

  • Bonus: You will also find a Midiquest Library with over 1000 patches.

You will also find the following documentation:

  • Yamaha TX81z Owner’s / Operation Manual
  • Yamaha TX81z Service Manual

Extra tools:

  • JsynthLib editor
  • Wsysex 3.0 editor
  • DXconvert – Conversion and manipulation toolkit for Yamaha FM synths