Korg Wavestation EX SR AD 15.000 Largest Library patches – Instant D0WNL0AD


I´m here presenting the Korg Wavestation owners with the most comprehensive patch library

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Korg Wavestation EX SR AD – Patch Sounds – Instant DOWNLOAD!

You will find about 800 SysEx files in both pack banks and single banks, which gives you over 15.000 Individual sounds for your synthesizer.

All the sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying. But the programming also requires lots of work and this library include more sounds than any musicians ever will need and will save you lots of work.

You will find following kind of patches:

  • Analog, Bass, Bells, Brass, Drums, Guitars, Leads, Organs, Pianos, Sound effects, Strings, Winds, Factory set and much more.


A Network Collection

Garfield Collection

Gilles Collection

Neill Collection

Tweakheadz Collection

Romcard Collection

You will also find following documentation:

  • Korg Wavestation Service Manual

Extra Tools:

  • Atari goodies – Editor & SysEx
  • SeX – SysEx Tool
  • WSSyxType


Wavestation AD – Firmware OS

Wavestation AD – Firmware OS – 3.19

Wavestation SR – Firmware OS


  • After buying you will receive a Dropbox link with your instant download link ASAP.
  • This is a “must have” for every owner of this series. 😉
  • Some of the banks may have duplicated sounds, but this is not possible to avoid with a such impressive patch library like this. 😀