Waldorf Microwave I – Largest Patch Collection – Instant D0WNLOAD Link


Waldorf Microwave I – Largest Patch Collection – Instant D0WNLOAD Link

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Waldorf MicroWave patches – Instant DOWNLOAD!

I’m here presenting the Waldorf MicroWave owners with the most comprehensive patch library. The sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying and it will save you for hours of programming and menu diving on your own and I’m sure it will show you a new perspective of sounds, which you didn’t know your wavetable synthesizer was capable of making.

What is included in this patch library?

Basses, percussion, drum kits, synths, FX, pads, strings, Sci-Fi, analog emulations, textures and much more … you name it!

Example of famous cards included. [As digital format]

  • C. Bruse drum collection
  • D. Gould Collection
  • D. Fabritius Collection
  • G. Ryle collection
  • Martin Stehl Techno collection
  • M. Rosen collection
  • T. Menguser

And much more …

We are talking many SysEx and midi dumps in both single and banks, which will give you a life-time of individual sounds for your Waldorf Microwave I. 


  • Owners manual (.Pdf)
  • Service manual (.PDF)


Copy of OS version 2.0 (Binary files) (If you need these on eproms and is not able to make it, leave me a message);)


  • After buying you will receive a GoogleDrive link with your instant download link.
  • This is a “must have” for every Waldorf Microwave I owners. 😉
  • There is no Waldorf MicroWave I included.
  • These patches are not compatible with MW 2 or Blofeld