Roland D-50 D-550 D05 – Sound Patches + Cards / Banks Syx Collection – DOWNL0AD


Roland D-50 D-550 D05 – Sound Patches + Cards / Banks Syx Collection – DOWNL0AD

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I’m here presenting the Roland D-50 owners with the most comprehensive patch library. It contains many rare banks and some of the most beautiful sounds with stunning glass pads, strings, bells and late 80s patches, which the LAS synthesis was famous for, which is probably why Roland choose to re-make D-50 as D-05 in their boutique series. This library include more sounds than any musicians ever will need.

The sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying and it will save your for hours of programming on your own and I’m sure it will show you a new perspective of sounds, which you didn’t know your Roland D- 50 synthesizers was capable of making. I would also like to point out that end-users are also able to buy sound library waveform cards with patches on, which in my opinion is waste of money due to that they will die or go corrupt over the years, therefore I think that this is a much more stable solution for keeping patches.

In this library, you will find patches / banks, which example includes:

  • Collections of the PCM rom cards. (cards that were available for the D50)
  • Bo Tomlyn Collection
  • J-MJ Revolutions
  • MIDI Music Soundtrack collection
  • PA decoder collection
  • SoundSations collection
  • Valhala collection
  • Jean-Michel Jarre Patch collection
  • SynthBase analog patches
  • User patches

… And much more….