Alesis Micron Ion Akai Miniak – Patchbanks/Sounds – Patch Collection D0WNL0AD


Alesis Micron Ion Akai Miniak – Patchbanks/Sounds – Patch Collection D0WNL0AD

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I’m here presenting the Alesis Ion, Micron and Akai Miniak owners with the most comprehensive patch library. The sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying and it will save you for hours of programming and menu diving because it is required to get any proper programming results. This package will hopefully show you a new perspective of sounds, which you didn’t know your synthesizer was capable of making.

The interesting about these instruments is that they share the same synth engine under the nice design and are therefore interchangeable with patches.

What is included in this patch library ?:

We are talking over 1200 .syx single bank files, which gives you over 1,200 individual sounds for your synthesizer.

Basses, percussion, drum kits, synths, FX, pads, strings, Sci-Fi, analog emulations, textures and much more … you name it!

And much more …


Alesis Micron – Owners manual [.PDF]

Alesis Ion – Owners manual [.PDF]

Akai Miniak – Owners manual [.PDF]

Extra tools:

Behringer BCR2000 – control preset for Alesis Micron

Micronizer – Alesis Micron editor

MiniakPanel_test – Editor for Akai Miniak [ beta kinda]

Ctrlr – Alesis Micron / Miniak editor

OS updates: [.Syx]

Alesis Ion – 1.06 [Latest version] + changelog

Alesis Micron – 1.10 [Latest version] + changelog

Akai Miniak – 1.0