Kawai K1 K1r K1m K1II The Patch Sounds Library SysEx – DOWNLOAD!


Kawai K1 K1r K1m K1II sound patches

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Kawai K1 series patches – Instant DOWNLOAD!

I´m here presenting the Kawai K1 series owners [K1 or K1r K1m K1II] with the most comprehensive patch library. The Kawai K1 was known for its very lo-fi character sound and was also very affordable for most in the 80s, which was also why I acquired a Kawai K1 in the past, it was Kawai’s answer to Roland D-series.

During my years with Kawai K1 I collected sounds to discover the sound possibilities of this unit. The sounds, which I’m providing have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying and it will save you for hours of programming and menu diving on your own and I’m sure it will show you a new perspective of sounds, which you didn’t know your Kawai K1 synthesizer was capable of making.

You will find different categories of patch sounds, example:

Bass, Percussion, Drum Kits, Synths, FX, Pads, Strings, Sci-Fi, instrument emulations and much more.

Example of included collections:

  • Sound Library collection
  • Kawai Card collection
  • Sounddiver library
  • Tim`s patch collection

Everything is sorted into folders:

  • 200 SysEx and .mid dumps in both single and banks, which will give many individual sounds for your Kawai K1.


  • Original owners manual (.Pdf)
  • Service Manual (.Pdf)
  • Wavelist (.pdf)


  • Caged Artist – Atari editor for K1 & K5/M
  • Midilib – Sysex Tool
  • Wsysex – Kawai tool


  • After buying you will receive a Google-drive link with your instant download link.
  • This is a “must have” for every Kawai K1 or K1r K1m K1II owners. 😉
  • There is no Kawai K1 included.
  • For best end-user experience we recommend to use the latest internal firmware possible.
  • This Library is authentic and my own collection.