Oberheim Matrix-1000 6 & 6R – Patches Sounds Programs – Instant Download


Kawai K5/K5M – Original Factory Cards, Patches & Editors – Instant

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You will find about a big collection SysEx files and few .mid files in both pack banks and single banks, which gives you the biggest Individual sounds collection for your synthesizer offered online.

All the sounds have been programmed by professionals and users who were just trying. But the programming also requires lots of work and this library include more sounds than any musicians ever will need and will save you lots of work.

  • bonus-> You will also find original tapes saved as .WAV for Matrix-6, so you can also restore your synthesizer with tape input

You will also find the following documentation:

  • Oberheim Matrix-1000 Owner’s / Operation Manual
  • Oberheim Matrix-6 Owner’s / Operation Manual
  • Oberheim Matrix-6R Owner’s / Operation Manual
  • Oberheim Matrix-6 Service Manual
  • Oberheim Matrix-1000 Schematics
  • How to load tapes with Matrix-6

Extra tools:

Your will also find a small library of different editors and tools for Windows , Atari and Mac.

Firmware OS:

  • Matrix-6 & 6R – Latest OS binaries
  • Matrix-1000 – Latest OS & Patch-rom binaries

Updating to the latest OS is important to get the best user experience out of the sounds and tools with your synthesizer. If you don’t have an eprom burner, please ask and I may help you