Roland JP-8000 JP-8080 – 2300+ Patches [.Syx & .mid] Instant Download


I´m here presenting the Roland JP-8000 JP-8080  owners with the most comprehensive patch library

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Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 – Sound Patch Programs – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

I’m here presenting the owners of the Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 with the most complete patch library. This synthesizer was a very powerful VA synthesizer known for its Supersaw oscillators, which made the sound fat and warm. All the sounds were programmed by professionals and users who were just rehearsing. but programming also takes a lot of work and this library includes more sounds than other musicians will ever need and will save you a lot of work.

You will get the following collections:
AB collection
Play Breo
Brians collection
DW collection
GZ collection
Michel Jarre – Collection
and more …… You’ll find around 120 SysEx files, 21 .pat files, and 40 .mid files in both package and single banks, giving you over 2,000 individual sounds for your synthesizer.

You will also find the following documentation:
Roland JP-8000 Owner’s Manual / Instruction Manual
Roland JP-8000 service manual
Roland JP-8080 Owner’s / Owner’s Manual
Roland JP-8080 service manual

Extra tools:
WINJPLIB – Tool to send / receive .PAT patches
Update: Kit for updating to the latest operating system